Technical Solutions

Barrisol® proposes a broad range of technical solutions for all the needs of the habitat, as well in terms of technique as of decoration, the whole in the strictest respect of the standards of safety, and in the respect of the environment.

compo - Jardin Parfait n°1 | F.Zenner

Acoustic wellness solution

Barrisol Acoustics® acoustical ceilings are able to absorb sounds and thus reduce noise pollution in public or private places. This acoustic ceiling limits the effect of reverberation often harmful to the good intelligibility and sound comfort.

Barrisol® offers a wide range of acoustical stretch ceilings with different degrees of sound absorption adapted to each type of room.

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compo - Collection Géographie Suisse - XVIe siècle -1545 - Bâle

Lighted well-being solution

The Barrisol Lumière® luminous ceiling uses a translucent Barrisol® sheet illuminated by a superior light source. It becomes possible to play with the interior lighting and the luminous ambiances thanks to a system of light variation in intensity and in color, placed behind the stretched sheet of your ceiling.

Barrisol® also proposes solutions of luminous bands allowing to underline the contours of a room or to create graphic effects on a surface of ceiling or wall.

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compo - EBK-030 | K.Kawai

Air conditioning wellness solution

Discover the Barrisol® featuring Carrier® Products: ceiling mounted heating, cooling, ventilation and air purification solutions.  

The systems offer unparalleled comfort: they avoid drafts, are silent and generate a great temperature homogeneity.

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Plafond Barrisol pour cave à vins

Mirror ceiling solution

Reflect yourself with the new Barrisol Mirror®

Our Barrisol Mirror® sheets bring to spaces an exceptional dimension and decoration.

Thanks to its remarkable qualities, Barrisol Mirror® combines the reflective power of a mirror with the characteristics of Barrisol® stretched sheets and creates the perfect illusion to "extend" the surface of a decor and give an impression of space.

Printed or backlit, the Barrisol Mirror® sheet combined with the exclusive micro-perforation system improves the acoustic comfort of all spaces.

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Mur en textile imprimé artolis by Barrisol

Textile solutions

Barrisol® offers with its artolis® range a set of technical solutions in very large widths (up to 5 m without weld or seam) printable and of high acoustic quality.

The artolis® coverings, with a very high resistance to shocks and impacts, are perfectly adapted for wall applications. artolis® meets all the safety standards in force.

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Plafond tendu Barrisol pour cuisine

Printed solutions

The Barrisol printed® stretch ceiling allows to reproduce all types of patterns, photos or decorations. Each project can be personalized to adapt to the various interiors and needs.

Want a blue sky in your living room ? To dive in a colored ocean in your bathroom ? The Barrisol printed® stretch ceiling is made to realize all your dreams by printing the images or photographs which you chose.

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Luminaires Barrisol - by Chantal Thomass

Designer lighting

The qualities of the products and the flexibility of Barrisol® sheets and structures allow many designers to express themselves and give free rein to their imagination. 

The works of these creators express their respective universes and bring real practical solutions of lighting and acoustics.

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