Artist / Designer

Christine LAVANCHY

A Swiss artist born in 1963, Christine Lavanchy explores painting and photography in an unusual approach that hinges on experimentation: in her work, the merging between the two genres is sometimes so surprising that our eyes are confused, not really knowing what the message is. Passionate about mountains, freedom and wide open spaces, it was during two trips to Patagonia that she discovered what would instil meaning in her work:nature in all its splendour and virginity. These stays in the southern hemisphere were to have a profound impact on her and allow her to express, in a most personal way, this symbiosis between art and the world.

In Christine Lavanchy’s work, the eye listens, ice encounters the sun, dreams become solid, and effort turns into pleasure.This world approaches the secret of the mountains. Being in front of one of Christine’s works is BEING.