Artist / Designer

François ZENNER

It is in my small workshop-house overlooking the garden, from where one can tirelessly admire the plains that I draw and paint.

After graduating from the "Beaux-Arts" with honors, I was sent by the Minis - try of Culture to the Cooper-Union-Art-School in New York. From there, local, national and international exhibitions followed, as well as public and private commissions. Then I go to work, paint and exhibit in Africa and Japan. My pictures and paintings are published in Europe and North America.

Specialising in the creation of ornaments and "façade decorations" for many years, I then respond to orders for wallpaper, launch a range of furnishing fabrics, followed by Limoges porcelain.

I travel for pleasure and inspiration. In Thailand I created the first drawings which will be used for my future wallpapers. My work is imaginary. It is the plant world that constitutes the essence of my subjects, my garden and my many other passions.

I’m not trying to imitate reality. It is as an aesthete that I try to tame this vegetal, animal and organic bump. I love the stories and images brought back by 19th century explorers, botanists, ethnologists... It is in the field of decorative arts that I feel most fulfilled.

I present my collections at the "Salon du Patrimoine" at the "Carrousel du Louvre" in Paris.

The creations presented here are indeed those of one and the same person, proud of his freedom.

Barrisol's Collections : François ZENNER