Artist / Designer

Stéphanie COUSIN

A photographer by profession, Stéphanie Cousin is currently working part-time as a motion designer and multimedia creator in the e-learning field. The rest of her time, she is a freelance motion designer and illustrator, continuously developing her artistic activity, whether for pictures for exhibitions or for video animations.

Born in Lausanne in 1969, she has lived in Nyon, Zurich, Hamburg and New York. She currently lives in Geneva.

She began to show an interest in photography at around 10 years old. Very quickly, she was attracted by the various processes for modifying images such as colouring, collage and toning in the laboratory. Later on, she discovered the tool, Photoshop, which incorporates these processes. Thus it was that in 2003 she began to create digital collages.

Obsessed by dreams and surrealist, strange worlds, she takes hold of shapes derived from her own photographic work or images that she modifies and mixes. She develops her dreamlike universes of animal women, together with her imaginary spaces and natures.